Re-routing flights could reduce climate impact of contrailsVapor trails left by aircraft can be significantly reduced by adding a negligible distance to the length of flights, say researchers.

Note how it’s about CONtrails, not CHEMtrails. Condensation trails are a real atmospheric phenomenon, Chemtrails are a crackpot government conspiracy theory that displays profound scientific ignorance and a concerning level of paranoia.
"It is often said that the invention of terrible weapons of destruction will put an end to war. That is an error. As the means of extermination are improved, the means of reducing men who hold the state conception of life to submission can be improved to correspond."




We must always engage in the cause of creative, peaceful protest. Compelling our legislature to take up our cause, through education and legislation. Though morality can not be legislated, behavior can be regulated. Its not a question of legislation or education. Change, true, lasting change comes through the deliberative and tactical use of both.

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